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How a New Twist on a Boring Idea Can
Help Your Child (or Grandchild) Retire a Multi-Millionaire.


Self-Confident Kids Are More Successful

If you’re like most parents, you want to help your children. You want them to avoid making the same mistakes you’ve made. You want to give them an edge they can only get from experience – from your experience. You, like any other parent, want to see your children have the benefit of self-sufficiency – and the self-confidence that usually comes with it – at an earlier age than you did. Why? Because, the sooner you see your kids forge confidently ahead for themselves, the more content and relaxed your life becomes.

Face it, your kids have kept you awake at night from the moment they were first born. Even adult children keep their parents awake. You’ve learned from the school of hard knocks how to make good decisions. You know offering this knowledge can help your children. Alas, how many kids listen to their parents?

It’s natural to convince yourself there’s no way your kids will ever listen to you – especially if your kids are teenagers. And if they don’t listen to you, there’s no way you can share the hard lessons you’ve learned from your life’s experiences.

That’s life. There’s nothing you can do about it.

Or is there?

It’s Harder Today for Parents to Leave Their Children a Better Life,
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Look around you. Other parents’ children appear on the road to success. How did they do it? Believe it or not, you already know the answer. The answer lies in your response to this question: “How old were you when you started listening to your parents?” If you’re like most offspring, you eventually realized your parents offered you valuable advice. You only wish you’d have listened to them earlier.

This is one of those good news/bad news sorts of things. Rest assured, at some point your kids will seek your counsel. That’s the good news. The bad news is, like you, they’ll have to relearn everything you did by attending their own school of hard knocks. So, the challenge is giving them that edge you want to give them.

It’s true the challenge may be insurmountable. You may not be able to give your children a head start in every endeavor. But you might be able to do it in at least one area. Would you settle for guiding them to an opportunity that they can ignore today but will definitely be thankful for when they’re your age? It’s the kind of thing that they’ll look back on and say to themselves, “Boy! Am I glad my parents did that for me. I might not have understood or appreciated it then, but I sure do now!”

Of course, if you took a moment to reflect on it, you’d have wished your parents had the foresight to do this for you.

They’re Your Kids, Don’t Let Society Ruin Their Lives

Too many outside influences draw your kids away. Hollywood brainwashes them to distrust you. Schools train them to think independently, but without the common sense guidelines life has taught you. Their peers convince them they are invincible. Heck, by the time you get a chance to talk to them, society has swayed your kids to believe anything you tell them “is holding them back.” So, go ahead. Tell them the one thing they can do right now that will guarantee to make them more comfortable later in life. You know what it is. It’s not an opinion. You’ve seen it work (at least) in others’ lives and (hopefully) in your own life. Tell them ‘til your blue in the face. Chances are, unless you start well before they’re inundated by these outside influencers, they’ll ignore you. Just like every child ignores every parent.

Does Your Newborn (or Teen) Keep You Awake at Night?
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If you focus on the one thing you can control – from the moment your child is born – you can set the seeds that will grow to become a powerful force in your child’s favor. How powerful? Consider this: kids, from an early age, like to win. They all dream of being the best player on the team. Now, life is filled with many different types of games. When we’re young, those games are mostly physical. As we grow older, though, our “games” become increasingly fiscal. And it’s not just expensive looking goods from clothes to computers to cars. Sure, it might start out that way, but the scoreboard eventually becomes earnings and savings. Earnings lead to those expense-looking things, but savings represent the ultimate measure of wealth. When our children feel wealthy, their self-esteem increases. And with self-esteem invariably comes self-confidence. And self-confidence, when directly correctly, quickly leads to success in any number of fields.

What outsider can effectively influence a child who already believes in himself? Moreover, how many self-confident children have you seen fearlessly take on the altar of the politically correct establishment? You can be certain of one thing, with this kind of inner strength, your kids won’t be drinking someone else’s Kool-Aid. They’ll be pouring their own that others will drink.

What’s more, they’ll be doing it at a younger age than their peers. And that will make them leaders.

And when you’re old, imagine how much more buoyant and cheerful you’ll be knowing your kids can get by on their own. How they’re prepared to help their own kids benefit from their (and, by extension, your) experience. Now that’s a legacy you can retire on.

And if your kids have missed out on this opportunity. Don’t worry. You can focus on your grandchildren instead.

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