Book summary (short version)

From Cradle to Retirement: The Child IRA
How to start a newborn on the road to comfortable retirement while still in a cozy cradle

Book summary (short version):

If there were a way for every newborn child to retire a multi-millionaire, wouldn’t every parent want to know it?

The concept is quite simple. From the moment the baby is born, you save $1,000 a year in a Child IRA until the baby’s 19th birthday. Then you do nothing. If that money is invested for the long-term and earns 8% (which is 3% less than the average 11% long-term return for stocks), then, when that child retires at age 70, the Child IRA account would have grown to two-and-a-quarter million dollars.

Alas, there’s a catch. There is no such thing as a “Child IRA.” In reality, parents who create a Child IRA today must establish a traditional IRA, but there are restrictions which limit whether a child qualifies. Don’t you think parents want to know what they could do right now to allow their child to benefit from a Child IRA?

Award winning financial writer Christopher Carosa’s sixth book, From Cradle to Retirement, takes a new twist on the old adage “save early and often.” In offering a detailed how-to on the innovative “Child IRA” concept, the book shows how minor children – from newborns to high school graduates – can save as little as $1,000 a year by identifying real jobs children take at various ages and end up retiring as multi-millionaires.

From Cradle to Retirement goes beyond today’s headlines proclaiming the need for parents to help their college age children save for retirement. Carosa demonstrates, through both careful explanations and real-life case studies, how parents (and even grandparents) can use this common, but often overlooked, savings vehicle to avoid losing millions in family wealth.  For more information on The Child IRA, visit

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